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Islanders? Lives on Paper
Making Sense of This and That

Making Sense of This and That

Pardon the self-promotion, but University of Hawai?i Press has just announced that my new book has just hit the streets. Don?t expect to see it on the New York Times best-seller list anytime soon. The title, Making Sense of Micronesia, is precisely what the book tries to do. As the blurb puts it:

Why are islanders so lavishly generous with food and material possessions but so guarded with information? Why do these people, unfailingly polite for the most part, laugh openly when others embarrass themselves? What does a smile mean to an islander? What might a sudden lapse into silence signify? These questions are common in encounters with an unfamiliar Pacific Island culture. Making Sense of Micronesia is intended for westerners who find themselves in contact with Micronesians?as teachers, social workers, health?care providers, or simply as friends?and are puzzled by their island ways. Read More

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