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Thinking Small!

Thinking Small!

Thinking small!? It just takes a glance through the MicSem forum thread we posted on the migrant survey to see it in action.? I had asked for very basic information from any and all who live in the US or Guam now?name, city or town, email or other contact information.? Dozens of posters replied… but not in the way that I had hoped.

Instead of offering their names and contact info, they offered objections.? Who?s doing this survey anyway, and what?s it for?? (To make MicSem rich and famous, perhaps?) How do I know that my information is safe and won?t be turned over to the government? (The knock on the door in the middle of the night could be the Homeland Security agent with papers in his hand to deport me!) I could have my identity stolen by entrusting this to an insecure URL (How much confidence would you have in a site that?s labeled ?surveymonkey??)

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